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Some of my most important years were spent at the Ministry of Education’s summer camp in Cyprus, taking care of primary school children and training under excellent teachers. Camp was where I made the realization early on that it really does take a village to raise a child as I saw in practice how crucial the multifaceted input that was derived from the teamwork of teachers, cleaners, cooks and other staff members from all walks of life, was when uplifting and caring for our students.  Years later, it was time to give back to children as they once gave me so much. Great actions and initiatives become greater with a team which is why this small start up was founded. Its  mission is to empower children and youth. For that reason VitaComm Education focuses on social responsibility actions that help create and empower communities through knowledge and education so that they can in turn help their younger members.  We are looking forward to meeting and working with you as we embark on a journey that takes on such a worthy cause.
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Our journey has only began. Join us for an amazing educational and learning adventure

Founded VitaComm Educational Services LTD


Started by providing STEM related programmes and learning consultations


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